Technical Assistance Coaching

Supporting the Success of Students, Teachers and Leaders

High expectations. Limited resources. Constant change. Public scrutiny. These are realities school staff deal with on a regular basis. That’s why when KnowledgeWorks partners with a school, we don’t just hand over a plan, we partner with every adult in the school to help get students on the fast track to success.

KnowledgeWorks believes in placing knowledge, skills and responsibility in the hands of many, rather than vesting information in the hands of a few. While some approaches work with one or two teachers in a school or department, KnowledgeWorks engages every member of the faculty and leadership team in a professional development process that focuses on integration and implementation of a system of research-based teaching and learning strategies.

Professional development at KnowledgeWorks partner schools is accomplished through a system of ongoing institutes, workshops, modeling, mentoring and embedded professional development that impacts the practices of educators, as well as external business and community partners. Technical assistance from our coaches is customized to meet the unique needs of each school and community.

KnowledgeWorks has assembled a strong team of coaches who work on site with school staff. This technical assistance team includes more than 20 experienced leadership, instructional and data coaches to support on-the-ground implementation. Our coaches have backgrounds as teachers, principals, superintendents and education leaders. They have demonstrated experience in education reform and a commitment to high expectations for all students.

The KnowledgeWorks development and implementation process, both for early college high school and schools using a competency model, uses technical assistance from our highly qualified coaches to address:

  • Leadership development
  • Best practices in teaching and learning
  • Standards and course alignment
  • Unit / lesson design
  • Assessments and data analysis to improve student outcomes
  • School climate and support to students
  • Student agency and engagement

Building Capacity with KnowledgeWorks Professional Development

Twenty years of research by educators, scientists, social scientists and economists all point to the same set of strategies:

  • Begin with the individual student
  • Drive instructional practice with data
  • Conduct teaching and learning through the tightly-woven fabric of standards, assessments, curricula, student supports and research-based practices
  • Connect teaching and learning to students’ prior knowledge and understanding
  • Engage students with hands-on, collaborative learning strategies (problem-based learning, inquiry, Socratic seminars, etc.)

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