Competency Education

Putting students at the center

By transforming teaching and learning, competency-based education empowers students through clear learning targets that they work toward at their own pace. Competency-based education, sometimes called proficiency- or mastery-based learning, creates a culture where teachers, learners and community members set a shared vision and build innovative and transparent learning environments where all students grow.

Competency-education benefits the entire learning community.

Students are engaged by:

  • Understanding what they need to do to master and achieve their goals
  • Collaborating with others and exploring diverse approaches to learning
  • Clearly understanding, recognizing, managing and building upon their learning to think critically and transfer knowledge to real-world situations
  • Demonstrating mastery of what they’ve learned in their own way. For example, one student might have better success writing a song, while another may prefer to write a story to show evidence of their learning

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Educators are empowered by:

  • Developing a comprehensive set of learning outcomes and meaningful ways to assess student progress and growth
  • Effectively supporting individual student needs
  • Having the autonomy, structure and support they need to develop creative ways to meet students where they are
  • Building a shared understanding between students, parents and teachers
  • Collaborating with fellow teachers to create interdisciplinary learning opportunities

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The community can thrive by:

  • Partnering with educators, administrators and other stakeholders to co-create a vision for teaching and learning
  • Forging partnerships with the school district to create learning opportunities
  • Working with K-12 stakeholders to prepare students with skills needed for local jobs
  • Building a pipeline of skilled future employees to help support a thriving economy

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