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Learning Artifacts from 2025

What might the future of learning look like? Based on elements of KnowledgeWorks' 2020 Forecast, these artifacts of the future illustrate tools and services that could support learners in a more...

World of Learning Attribute Cards

Printable attribute cards for the World of Learning

Learning Agents

"Educator" has a very specific meaning to most of us, but as the learning ecosystem diversifies, new agents of learning will emerge. They help shape the future of learning by assuming new roles...

Learner Personas

As learning evolves, so will learners. We expect them to become an increasingly diverse group who will need more options and have new opportunities for how and where to engage in learning....

The Learning System of 2025

Examining possible future scenarios can help education stakeholders prepare for any future that might come to pass. Developed with Collective Invention to support KnowledgeWorks'...

Scenario Overview

Scenario Overview: Imagine what learning may look like in 2025

The Future of Learning Agents and Disruptive Innovation

Teachers and administrators aren't the only educators in the new learning landscape. Discover new roles that may be organizing learning for our kids in the future, and figure out how we can...

Creating a New World of Learning: A Toolkit for Change Makers

KnowledgeWorks offers organizations the opportunity to experience a new world of learning through a self directed guide.

Models of Learning

Signals of Change toward a World of Learning: KnowledgeWorks’  2020 Forecast highlighted the potential to create a new world of learning that puts learners at the center, leverages technologies...

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