Next president’s education priorities must include personalized learning

KnowledgeWorks releases recommendations for new presidential administration
Washington, D.C.

While the new presidential administration establishes its education agenda, personalized learning must be front and center to continue momentum at state and local levels.

Today, KnowledgeWorks releases its recommendations to improve educational outcomes for all learners. The recommendations include four strategies focused on personalizing learning from kindergarten through college and career.

“States, districts and universities have made tremendous strides in building personalized learning environments that support all learners,” KnowledgeWorks Vice President of Policy and Advocacy Matt Williams said. “It is crucial that the next administration continue to support and expand these efforts by partnering with leaders and removing barriers to discover what works best for student success.”

KnowledgeWorks presidential transition memo, “Embracing the Opportunity: Recommendations for Scaling Personalized Learning Under a New Presidential Administration,” also provides strategies that will help the new administration capitalize on national momentum to build a system of personalized learning for all learners.

“We need strong leadership in Washington to help our nation address sluggish academic results and a growing job skills gap,” KnowledgeWorks Senior Director of National Policy Lillian Pace said. “Personalized learning is an effective solution that not only increases engagement, but ensures that every learner across the K-16 education continuum has the opportunity to master the knowledge and skills critical to success.”

KnowledgeWorks recommends the following:

  • Incentivize effective transitions between K-12 and higher education to increase college enrollment and persistence.
  • Help states and districts scale K-12 personalized learning systems.
  • Support personalized learning pathways toward a post-secondary credential by making the federal financial aid system more flexible.
  • Establish a cross-cutting priority for federal grants focused on personalized learning.

“The success of our education system affects everyone in the country, from parents and community members to business owners and hiring managers,” KnowledgeWorks President and CEO Judy Peppler said. “Personalized learning works. It empowers students to think critically, solve problems and be prepared to compete in an ever-changing workforce. We must continue to support these efforts to ensure educational equity for students in every community.”

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KnowledgeWorks is focused on ensuring that every student experiences meaningful personalized learning that allows them to thrive in college, career and civic life. We develop the capabilities of educators to implement and sustain competency-based and early college schools, work with state and federal leaders to establish aligned policy conditions and provide national thought leadership around the future of learning. Our subsidiary, StriveTogether, manages the national cradle-to-career network and helps communities improve student outcomes through collective impact. Learn more at www.knowledgeworks.org


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