Shaping the Future of Learning

Strategies for Education Leaders and Innovators

As the world around us changes at an unprecedented pace, education leaders have an opportunity to innovate now to create a future that supports every learner. Taking action today to prepare students for new ways of learning, working and living can help ensure their future success.

Download our latest strategic guidance and dig into cross-sector implications of KnowledgeWorks most recent comprehensive forecast, The Future of Learning: Education in an Era of Partners in Code. Resources address:

  • Five foundational issues on the horizon identified by more than 60 education leaders and innovators from across the country
  • Strategies to help K-12 schools; informal and community-based learning organizations, such as museums and libraries; and higher education institutions create a future that serves all learners well
  • Key questions to help organizations set visions and strategies for the future of learning.
Shaping the Future of Learning: A Strategy Guide.

Shaping the Future of Learning: A Strategy Guide

This paper explores five foundational issues facing education and suggests strategies for responding to them, with spotlights on K-12 school-based education, informal and community-based learning, and higher education.

Leading the Future of Learning Infographic

Leading the Future of Learning Infographic

This poster highlights five areas for action across all education sectors. Download, share and start a conversation about how your organization or community can start shaping the kind of future you want for every student.

Shaping the Future of Learning: K-12 School-Based Education Strategy Workbook

This workbook, designed for leaders and innovators in K-12 school-based education, can help you consider the opportunities on the horizon for learning, begin to identify ways to take advantage of emerging trends and make bold choices to lead the way toward a future of learning that serves all learners and society well


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