Shaping the Future of Learning: K-12 School-Based Education Strategy Workbook

The way we work, teach, live and learn is changing at an exponential rate. Educators must consider how their practices today will shape the future of learning tomorrow – and what roles students and communities might have in shaping that future, too.

This workbook, designed for leaders and innovators in K-12 school-based education, can help you consider the opportunities on the horizon for learning, begin to identify ways to take advantage of emerging trends and make bold choices to lead the way toward a future of learning that serves all learners and society well. Read, share and interact with this workbook to uncover:

  • Five opportunities to lead the future of learning as we look ahead ten years
  • Strategies for taking action to address critical areas of change
  • Examples of work being done today by education innovators
  • Key questions to help you consider how you and others might respond to opportunities and challenges on the horizon.

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Publication Date: 
Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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