ESSA and Personalized Learning: State by State

A Nationwide Look at State Strategies to Advance Personalized Learning

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides states with significant flexibility to advance personalized learning and improve equitable outcomes for their students. This resource highlights emerging ideas states are considering as they leverage this flexibility through their implementation plans. Our goal for this resource is to highlight states’ leadership in creating high quality education systems that provide innovative and flexible learning opportunities. We hope to help stakeholders identify and better understand the benefits of diverse approaches to personalized learning. Finally, we aim to help states solve for potential unintended consequences of these ideas by opening the door to robust conversation among stakeholders and states.

= ESSA Plan Approved by the United States Department of Education

= ESSA Plan Submitted to United States Department of Education for Approval


This map indicates each state’s current stage of plan development. We will update information as states post new or updated drafts for public comment, when they submit their plans to the United States Department of Education, and when they receive federal approval. Click on each state for a full summary of the personalized learning elements included in its ESSA implementation plan.

A Nationwide Summary

We have compiled our findings of state-by-state ESSA implementation into one document, which you can download now.

Personalized Learning Under ESSA: A Look at Innovation and Trends in State Plans

The KnowledgeWorks policy team has reviewed state ESSA plans over the last several months. Trends have emerged as each state looks to further its own vision and approach to teaching and learning. The blog series below highlights trends and feature examples from state plans.

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