Key Policy Areas

Education policy informed by people in the field

Policy can – and should – be informed by practice. By turning to educators, principals and district leaders, we can enable policies that support and advance the work on the ground.

This is KnowledgeWorks’ approach to policy and advocacy. By focusing on innovative districts and their local work, we strive to support policies that allow flexibility and build supports to advance and scale personalized learning.

KnowledgeWorks currently focuses on two specific issues that  advance personalized learning through two specific, effective approaches.

  1. Early college high schools (ECHS) provide all students opportunities to earn up to 60 college credit hours before high school graduation. Policy supportive of ECHS provides aligns supports for all students and consider the power of engagement and rigorous environments.
  2. Competency-based education shifts the system to be focused on mastery of content and skills, provides customized supports to each student, and creates transparency for students, teachers, and students. Policy that supports competency education allows for flexibility and reconsiders traditional grade levels to focus on mastery instead of seat time.

By advancing supportive policies, we can transform the system to more personalized for all students through early college high school and competency education.

Learn more about our education policy approach to early college and competency education. Find out how our work in support of states’ implementation of ESSA is supporting both of these innovative school models.

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